EPROM - Akai Sampler MPC 2000XL Operating System Boot Recovery - v1.14, v1.20

3-3. Boot block recovery

3-3-1. Operating system
The MPC 2000XL is designed to operate with an operating system that is held in flash ROM. If this becomes corrupt, or an operating system upgrade is needed, the contents of the flash ROM must be reprogrammed.

Be sure to take note of the marked orientation notch on the side of the EPROM to ensure correct installation.
EPROMS inserted backwards will be destroyed. Incorrect insertion of ICs is also likely to cause damage to the board.

3-3-2. OS recovery with boot EPROM
Note: Turn the unit’s power off before starting.

1)  Set the JP20 jumper to the 2-3 position on the mainboard.
2)  Insert the updated EPROM into the IC20 socket.
3)  Set the JP30 jumper to the 2-3 position.
4)  Turn the power on.
5)  PressF5 (BOOT) button on the “DISK SAVE” screen.
The “JP20 Change P-ROM ⇒ F-ROM” message will appear on the display.
6)  According to the instructions, set the JP20 jumper to the 1-2 position.
7)  Press the “F6(GO) button. The “FROM Boot write complete!!” message will appear on the display.
8)  Turn the unit’s power off.
9)  Return the JP30 jumper to the 1-2 position.
10)  Disconnect the EPROM from the IC20 socket.


MPC 2000XL v1.14 Operating System Upgrade :

The main purpose of this update is to correct some minor bugs in the operating system.
The EPROM chip will be labeled to help you locate the correct chip socket.

1. Zip disk data corruption - fixed
On MPC 2000XL's with an ATAPI Zip disk installed internally, the data on the Zip disk may be
occasionally damaged. This may happen when the drive is in sleep mode and and does not correctly
wake up when a disk operation (save or load), or a disk write operation (save, rename, overwrite,
erase, etc.) is performed.
The wait time for the restart of the Zip disk in V1.12 OS is set to 3 sec. However the Zip disk may not
restart within this time period, causing a timeout. In this case the next write operation may damage
the contents of the disk. In V1.14, the wait time has been extended from 3 sec to 20 sec.

2. Song conversion problem - fixed
A Song may not be properly converted to a sequence if one of the sequences in the song has a large
number of events (over 768 notes) and is repeated more than twice in the song.

3. Song conversion problem - fixed
A song may not be properly converted to a sequence if the sequence contains MIDI system exclusive
messages and the track containing those messages is set to OFF, and the option of "OFF
TRACKS IGNORED" or "MERGED ON MIDI CH" is selected in the song convert options.

4. MTC Slave problem - fixed
In MTC slave mode a song may play at an unstable tempo at the point where a sequence changes to
the next sequence if the song contains several sequences with different tempos.

5. Edit range problem - fixed
In EDIT mode, the time range cannot be set correctly after pressing TC (F1) in STEP EDIT mode.

Note: No addendum to the Operator's Manual has been issued since this is only a maintenance
version that does not affect the actual operation.